E.V.E.T Eylül 2022 Sayısı Çıktı!

E.V.E.T Eylül 2022 Sayısı Çıktı!


ESC Volunteer's Magazine
September 2022 - No.7

Nothing goestogether with chilly and darkening September
nights quite like comfort food, and these volunteers have
been hit by a serious case of autumn munchies! Peek in to
learn the 101 of Turkish cuisine as well as its influence on
Romania and Georgia, and try outsome traditional recipes.

The seventh edition of our E.V.E.T magazine is out now. Time flies, one season changes to another one, but our magazine stays, so please welcome our next issue!

We hope you will enjoy!


E.V.E.T. Team - ESC Volunteers in GSM, Turkey


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